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Marketing should be at the top of your investment list. for Without brand awareness or brand-building, your chances of long-term business success are minimal.

Your marketing efforts should attract your target clients and build customer-loyalty. This is where your marketing strategies come in.

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is the set of promotional activities that include communicating, advertising, and delivering your offerings to your customers with the overall goal of selling your services and generating profit.

Marketing is usually done to create value for your offerings and reach your target audience through market research.

What Is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant works on creating effective marketing strategies according to the type of business you own. They also identify the current opportunities and gaps in your business, work on implementation, and track the results.

Types of Marketing Consultant:

You may find different types of marketing consultants. Some would be specialized in delivering only one type of service while some will offer numerous marketing services.

1)      Strategic consultant:

A strategic marketing consultant specializes in defining the right marketing strategies for a business. It is the most critical form of business consulting and should be done without any compromises.

2)      Social Media Consultant:

A social media marketing consultant will help in promoting your services through different social media platforms.

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3)      Brand Advisor:

A brand advisor helps identify and develop a core message for your brand.

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4)      SEO Consultant:

An SEO consultant works on the SEO of your marketing to increase traffic and brand awareness to target audience.

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Why Do You Need to Hire a Marketing Consultant for Your Business?

So, why do you need to hire a marketing consultant for your business?

Your ultimate goal is to increase your sales, right? So why not get a professional expert who can do this job for you? Not only do they work on increasing sales, but they also analyze any loopholes that you breezed over.

Now let’s discuss what a marketing consultant will do for your business and what you should expect.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant:

1) Helps With Market Research:

One of the primary responsibilities of a marketing consultant is market research. They gather data regarding your target customer’s spending habits, interests, and needs.

After gathering and analyzing the data, a marketing consultant develops the appropriate marketing strategies that would best serve your business’s goals.

2) Develops a Marketing Plan:

Don’t expect a marketing consultant to work as a magician for your business, and fix everything right away. Marketing is a time-taken process. Results are not immediate but are strategically strived for to fulfill your company’s goals.

After analyzing your business and competitors, your marketing consultant will develop a detailed marketing plan according to your goals and will execute those plans accordingly.

3) Identifies Your Businesses Marketing Message:

A marketing message tells your customers why they should buy your services. Hence, creating an eye-catching message is an important factor for uplifting your business.

Here is an example of a marketing message:

“Our top-class engineering team creates high-quality, reusable, and flexible products for you”

A marketing consultant helps identify the marketing message that is best suitable for your business.

4) Creates an Effective Marketing Strategy:

After an in-depth look at the core of your business, a marketing consultant will develop your marketing plan.

5) Implements the Marketing Strategy

After defining all the areas where marketing efforts are needed to meet your business goals, then the plan is implemented.

6) Works On Marketing Optimization and Marketing Analytics

A marketing consultant’s responsibility is to maximize marketing efforts to reach your business goals and generate profits.

7) Tracks Results

Keeping track of your results is just as important as the implementation of the strategy. Reviewing the results helps you know what worked well, what didn’t and what should be changed.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant:

1) Third-eye View for Your Business:

It is difficult to analyze yourself to see what you are doing wrong. An outsider’s opinion can spot things that you may miss or not know about.

2) Provides Strategies and Tactics for Business Growth:

Tactics are included in your marketing strategy to grow your business step-by-step. Your marketing consultant will define those effective strategies for long-term success.

3) You Get Expert Recommendations

You’ll have the suggestions and direction of a professional with the proper knowledge on how to develop the right stratgy for your business.

4) Saves You Time

Hiring marketing consultants saves you from spending time in the wrong direction. Your time can be focused on creating products and providing services when you have a specialist to handle all the marketing tasks.

Average Expense of a Marketing Consultant:

Hiring a marketing consultant costs about $100-175 per hour on average. It’s worth the investment because effective marketing is a direct contributor to your business’s success.


Marketing is powerful but it’s a complex and time-taken process. A professional expert working with you will help you grow your business faster and broaden your networking with the right people.

Jha Allen LLC is a highly respected and known marketing consultant from the Houston area. She and her team have helped many businesses build a fully developed marketing plan, strong brand story and online presence. As a Houston resident, she knows what to do to make your business stand out. Get in touch with Jha today!

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