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Whether you are a customer or a business owner, marketing can affect you. Marketing plays a vital role in people’s decision-making process. A customer is more likely to buy or become attracted to your product or service if you have effectively utilized the art of marketing.

So before going to how does marketing affect you?. First understand what is marketing and why it is important for customer as well for the business owners.

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What is marketing and why is it important?

Marketing is the process of presenting your services or products to your target customers in a professional way. It requires an in-depth analysis and market research about your customers, and their needs and preferences. 

If businesses only focus on launching their product, how would people know what they are offering and what’s new in the market? 

Nowadays, technological advancements provide information at our fingertips. Everything is just one click away. Marketing is no longer a choice, it is absolutely vital for your business to thrive.

How does marketing affect you as a customer?

Marketing affects a customer in multiple ways. Below we have enlisted a few points on how a customer is affected by marketing.

Keeps customers up-to-date

If you are a customer, you would love to stay updated on new arrivals and trends, sale offers, special deals about product or service of your interest.

Marketing keeps customers updated on the latest, rapid trends and new products.

It’s convenient

Marketing brings ease, helping decrease the consumer’s effort by providing important information to help the customers make a purchasing decision.

Easy to access information

Most marketers utilize social media for advertising. It is the most common, yet easiest way to connect with your target customers. 

The information available on the internet is accessible by everyone. This allows your customers to access your product information whenever they want.

How does marketing affect you as a business owner?

Increases brand awareness:

If customers don’t know about the existence of your business or company, your services will be of no use, no matter how good your offerings are. 

Marketing affects a business owner by increasing their brand awareness among current and potential customers. 

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Multiplies the chances of sales:

Marketing gives business owners the opportunity to multiply their sales. If you connect to your audience by bringing solutions to their problem, they are more likely to make their purchase decision with you.

Business growth and customer retention:

If a business owner stops marketing their products, their services may fade away from a customer’s memory, and other competitors may take their place. 

Marketing affects a business owner by keeping their services in demand, retaining current customers and attracting new ones. Therefore, marketing plays a critical role in business growth.

Common examples of marketing in our daily life:

  1. Advertisements are the most common example of marketing that we experience in our daily lives.

Whether you are reading an article on Google or a magazine, watching your favorite show on YouTube, or just scrolling through FaceBook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you’ll see different advertisements.

  • Receiving newsletters, brochures, or pamphlets about a company’s services or products is an example of marketing that we see in our daily life.
  • The distribution of free samples is another form of marketing.
  • Offers like buy one get one free, selling products on discounted prices, free tastings, and giving coupons to customers is another creative and interactive way of marketing.

Types of Marketing:

Some of the main types of marketing include:

1)      Social Media Marketing:

Whether you are a customer or a business owner, you must be aware of this type of marketing, as it is the most common one. 

With more than 2.8 billion people using social media platforms, business owners have taken social media as an opportunity to market their products or services through platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to reach their audience.

Social media marketing can be done in various ways and is divided into multiple subtypes. For example, businesses utilize social media for marketing through emails or by establishing blogs through content writing. 

2.      Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, businesses promote their products by giving commission to websites or people in return for generating traffic or sales to their business. 

3.      Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a broad term that includes writing blogs, ebooks or creating graphics and video content on YouTube or other platforms to promote your services. The purpose is to bring valuable content that targets customers’ needs and attracts or engages them to become buyers.

4.      SEO

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is a form of internet marketing. The main focus is to improve website rankings on search engines, which generates traffic and increases your potential buyers.

If you use SEO correctly, your brand should show up on top of a search engine page every time a customer researches your product or service.

5.      Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps your customers in the loop for long-term. Your brand can send updates, promotions or information that your customer should be informed about.

6.      Paid Advertising

In paid advertising, marketers pay the person who displays their ads on their content.

7.      In-store marketing:

The promotion of products inside marketplaces such as malls or grocery stores is called in-store marketing. Marketers can do this by offering discounted coupons, organizing entertaining events for the purpose of product promotion, or even distributing free samples to people.

These types of activities help gain customers’ attention.

8.      Alliance marketing:

This type of marketing is when a company’s products or services are marketed in foreign countries. It works on a partnership basis where a partner is responsible for promoting and selling your products in the foreign market.


In short, marketing plays a crucial role in the life of both customers and business owners. Marketing helps business owners generate profits and spread brand awareness. For customers, it helps them find products and services that they need with ease.

So, if you are not using marketing, you are most likely missing out on an essential element that could contribute greatly to your success.

Marketing is powerful but it’s a complex and time-taken process. A professional expert working with you will help you grow your business faster and broaden your networking with the right people.

When it comes to social media marketing, Jha Allen LLC is an expert who has trained many businesses in social media marketing and helped them succeed. So, it is wise to hire marketing experts like Allen LLC to save time and give your business the proper attention.

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