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If you run a small business in Houston, you must be looking for an Affordable SEO for Small Businesses in Houston Tx to target your desired audience. You start benefiting from your business when your customers can reach you through your online visibility, but this is not possible without proper SEO.

SEO will increase the traffic on your website, and when customers find services similar to what you offer, they will reach you first rather than going for several other options available out there. Therefore, to grow your small business in Houston, SEO plays a leading role in your strategy. Because SEO is a complex field, it requires time, effort, and investments right from the start.

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5 Tips For Affordable SEO for Small Businesses in Houston Tx

This article covers some of the essential and affordable SEO tips for small businesses in Houston. These are essential and necessary things you should apply on your business website to get the most out of your business website, But if you want complete SEO and need help with these tips to apply for you small business website you will find information about that at the end of the article.

1) Keyword Placement and On-page SEO

The proper and natural use of keywords is the most affordable SEO skill you should know. But the question is, what keywords should you use in your content? You can find this out by proper keyword research. For example, you can use some keyword research tools that your customers are looking for.

An easy and affordable, yet old method is to type your keywords on Google. This will show you similar searches so you can get a basic idea of what your customers are searching for.

When we talk about on-page SEO, you can use your keywords in the title tags to optimize your content on search engines. (Titles are mostly the same as your keyword, so this is not a big thing to do).

Next, you can place your keywords naturally in different subheadings. But no need to force it or saturate your subheading.Now comes the body content of your article. When you are starting the paragraph, you can start it by using the keywords in a natural tone.

A good method is to use your keywords after every 100-150 words but only in a way that fits naturally in your content.Images and URLS are another place where you can rank your on-page SEO with your keywords.

Images are the most engaging content on your online business, so it is always wise to explain your content through images wherever possible. There is a common saying that “one image is equal to a thousand-word content.”

The good news is you don’t have to force the keywords in images. You can easily attain the target by saving the alt text or image file name through your target keyword.

On your website, try to optimize your URL by using at least one or two keywords on each page to help search engines recognize your website for the relevant keyword, which will help you rank better.

2) Use External and Internal Linking:

Using relevant external and internal links on your website will cost you nothing, yet it is another affordable SEO strategy for small businesses in Houston. But it can largely affect your ranking on search engines.

External and internal links on your website will help search engines understand your niche, plus it will build their trust in your website.

Also, you can add relevant, high-quality website links on your website that have a similar niche as yours to help increase traffic and ranking on your website.

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3) Off-page SEO:

Consider Off-page SEO as this:  If a cover page or title of a book attracts you, only then you will want to open and read the book.

By considering and working on off-page SEO for small businesses, you will build trust with your customers, and they will be attracted to visit your website.

Backlinking is an important ranking factor when it comes to off-page SEO. You can get paid backlinks on others websites, but search engines prefer natural backlinking. 

However, if other websites backlink to your website, Google can consider that your website has valuable content which can help you rank better.

You can also link your websites through social media. This will increase your brand awareness and let them know about your company or business. In this way, they will search for your services whenever they need them.

4) Technical SEO:

Consider you have all the valuable content on your website for your customers, but your website doesn’t load. Very soon, your potential customers will look for other options on the internet.

According to research in 2016, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of the visitors will leave the webpage.

This is where technical SEO comes into play. If your website is technically strong, it will load faster, and search engines can crawl your website easily. Ultimately, it will achieve top rankings.

5) Local SEO:

It is difficult for your customers to contact you if you don’t provide them with all the necessary information related to your services. This can be done by creating a proper home page on your website that includes all the relevant contact information, your address, opening or contacting hours, along with a structured geographical location.

With that said, your website should be easily accessible on mobile too since most of the users access the internet through mobile. You can check your website’s mobile performance through free tools like Google’s Optimization Tool.

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Affordable SEO for small business in Houston


Undoubtedly, SEO is a long-term and time-taken process, especially when you are just starting out for small businesses in Houston. Even if you had followed all the ranking factors, it could take a few months for the considerable results to come up.

Some of the affordable SEO factors you should consider from the start for small businesses in Houston are proper keyword research and their usage in your content, On-page and off-page SEO, local and technical SEO.

SEO can be a complex process as it takes time to develop, execute and evaluate its success. It is best to hire a professional marketing and SEO expert and consultant, such as Jha Allen LLC, for any additional help with these strategies.

Jha Allen LLC is a highly respected and known marketing consultant from the Houston area. She and her team have helped many businesses build a strong brand and online presence. As a Houston resident, she knows what to do to make your business stand out. Get in touch with Jha today!

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