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Looking for best Houston social group for small businesses? We love networking events — planning them, hosting them, attending them, all of it! And it’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the way that we network today. Safety truly comes first, and we believe that there are safe ways to continue networking– for our livelihoods, businesses and need as humans to socialize.

We’re a proud local Houston company, and we get a lot of our inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit of Houston, where we support one another, collaborate for grander purposes and help our communities flourish. Houston social groups are one of the best ways to scale your business and improve yourself. We learn more from each other’s experiences and can support Houston business owners.

Remember, your network is your net worth. Of course, we’re thinking of money. But, your network is also a combination of the power minds and social connections that you have to share your business and brand, seeks mentors, mentor others, find wonderful opportunities, and so much more.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Portor Gale,author

The pandemic put a dent in our social networking events, but we can even shift today to use online networking to keep in touch with each other. There are many ways to keep in touch with and part-take in networking events online.

Joining a social club, such as Jha Briel allen can keep you in a consistent circle of entrepreneurs and professionals who believe in the importance of being connected with other people.

Not only do your connections become stronger as your network expands, but your personal skills and confidence grow as well. Being a part of a social group helps build your communication, relationship management, respect, empathy, conflict resolution, and much more.

What are Social Groups?

According to Wikipedia, “A social group can be defined as two or more people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics, and collectively have a sense of unity. However, other theorists disagree and are wary of definitions that stress the importance of interdependence or objective similarity.”

Two or more people who interact and share similar goals, objectives and work ethic, have got the power to accomplish their goals as a team. It’s possible to find great supporters, business partners and clients at social groups and events.

Every person you meet can either help your business grow or present the opportunity for you to share your advice, expertise, services, or products. Your greatest opportunities lie in social groups!

Now, while it is a priority to collaborate with people in your niche, we suggest stepping outside of your comfort zone to learn about different people’s industries, businesses, ideas and methods to spark your own ideas and expand your network even further. It’s important to step out of your comfort zone because you may just find some of your best connections at social events.

Here at Jha Briel allen, we host social group activities and networking events to connect small business owners for business growth, collaboration opportunities and network expansion.

Importance of Houston Social Groups for Small Businesses

Social groups are essential for small businesses to thrive, market and build relationships. Whether we network online or in person, relationship building is KEY to any small business.

Social groups offer access to people who can support your business with resources, finances, word-of-mouth promotion, and many other wonderful opportunities that a business relationship can bring.

As a member yourself of your favourite social groups, your impersonal skills become sharpened, helping you with your leadership, public relations and listening management. You’ll tend to discover a lot about your own strengths, weaknesses and areas of uncomfortability.

Learning from others help you learn even more about yourself personally and as a professional. For example, you might be good at coming up with unique ideas but not good at putting them into action.

The more social groups you attend, the more noticeable you’ll be. You can grow your reputation to highlight your accomplishments, areas of expertise and authority in your industry when attending events and maintaining the relationships made.

Networking is still one of the most authentic, original ways of marketing yourself, first and foremost, then your branding, business and expertise. That spotlight creates a vacuum for more partnerships and opportunities.

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You can also consult Jha Allen, She is known for her marketing consultancy and helps many local businesses thrive through creative marketing strategies.

Jha Allen LLC Networking event in Houston

Networking For small business In Houston

Jha Allen LLC is known for hosting social groups and networking events in Houston, Texas. She has connected many like-minded individuals and companies through interactive and fun events.

Jha Allen LLC thoughtfully curates each event with attendees in mind for creative, successful and fun ways of networking.

Our founder, Jha Allen, is a marketing consultant that has helped many local businesses from the Houston area establish their brands.

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