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NNER(G) Active Wear

NNER(G) activewear is a brand was created for an individual to take what they want out of life and not being afraid to challenge themselves and their NNER(G) throughout the process.
Campaign Goal:
Launch Campaign / Brand Awareness
150 Followers over 90 day period

St.Mark's Episcopal School

St. Mark’s Episcopal School celebrates the uniqueness of each child. They cultivate joy, playfulness, and growth in a child-centered environment. 

Campaign Goal:
Brand Awareness / New Enrollments

12 New Enrollments over 90 day period

All Blaq Everythang

All Blaq Everything is an organization that is built on circulating black dollar within the black community through pop-up shopts
Campaign Goal:
Brand Awareness / Vendor Signups

Generated $7,000 from event vendors and consumers over 120 day period


Spendebt is a financial service app that allows users to pay off their debts using micropayments from every transaction.
Campaign Goal:
Brand Awareness / App Sign Ups
Built a Facebook Community to over 175 engaged members within 30 days

The Bead Bar

The Bead Bar is a brick and mortar event space and jewelry making experience.
Campaign Goal:
Brand Awareness / Engagement
Increased instagram engagement by 50.4%

Sean Teare

Sean Teare is a candidate from Houston running for the position of District Attorney in the 2024 election.
Campaign Goal:
Brand Awareness / Public Favor
Instagram has engaged with over 1,000 Houstonians in just 30 days, while Facebook received 485 profile visits during the same period.

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